Monday, December 19, 2011

Haiku Monday: Spin

The Haiku Monday theme this week is "spin".  I chose to write about my favorite "spinner", Tag.

Round and round, tired hound
Nesting on flannel and pile
Winter's nap well earned


  1. I love this haiku! And have always wondered what exactly that spin means. Are they trying to make themselves smaller to make room for littermates? Is it a self-soothing mechanism? Is it a holdover from when they had to trample grass for a bed?

  2. Thanks Moi!! I think it's got to be a "making a bed" thing - I'll have to do some research on it, curiosity peaked!! Thank you for your comment - as you can see, I don't get many visitors yet!! I saw you have three blogs - which one should I start with??!!

  3. We have a spaniel mix dog who spins "joy circles", always to the right, never left.
    I've thought it was just exuberance because he does this most often when waiting for things he loves; girl dogs, food, playmates, dinner, me! He never spins circles if he is tired or not feeling well or just sleepy. It seems to be his method of communicating joy so this is why we describe his behavior as "joy circles" .

    What I can see of your dog is handsome!
    What makes your hound spin?

    PS) Hooray to Preserving the South!
    We Southernfolk need to share our smarts and not let
    our commitments to land, dogs, guns and self get diluted or lost.

    Word verify is icky

  4. Thanks Fishy! Wow - two comments today! I will celebrate Southern style with a cheese straw and a glass of wine!! I meant to play in Haiku Monday Silver last week - I had a five hour flight to San Francisco and unhappily got seated next to my chatty boss who wanted to talk business the whole flight. So my Haiku Monday Silver writing plans were DASHED!! Tag says "whoof" - interprets as "I spin when I am tired". Love!!

  5. Scout,
    I did leave a comment at TSA post...but I reckon Blogger ate it--grrrr!

    This is essence of Haiku--somethin' we's all seen, an the verse describes perfectly. An yore spin nails that idea!!

    Fishy tells it true--many folks jes' woan leave comments what word veri is enabled--including Chickory who has made "NO WORD VERIFICATION" her motto.

  6. I'm most active at Bite the Apple.

  7. Good afternoon Scout,

    I left a comment here yesterday morning, it must be a floating in the electronzone. Funny I have been receiving the the other comments in my e-mail.

    I enjoyed your haiku.

    Just say no to word verification.

  8. Hi Y'all! Okay, soooooooo word verification is yucky - I have no idea how to get that fixed, but will consult Chickory and I know she'll get me right. Sooooo sorrryyyy! I know you forgive me cuz I'm new - I always said I wanted friends who would tell me if I had something stuck in my teeth! Thanks for visiting anyway - I love the company.

  9. Hey Scout,

    I did like your dog bedding haiku.

    I have had some trouble trying to post here. Am trying openID as my Wordpress ID did not seem to work.

    When I first tried to post on Curmudgeon's blog I had trouble. Research indicated that the problem was I was using Firefox as my browser. The suggested fix was to use Google Chrome. That did work. There are apparently problems with the newest version of Internet Explorer as well.

    For whatever that is worth. Also, I found when I got started that I had legitimate comments trapped in the spam filter. Don't forget to look there, too.

    Let's see if this works.


  10. its in your settings where you turn off word veri. Call me I will walk you through you through it. Great haiku about a wonderful dog.