Saturday, December 31, 2011

Haiku Monday: New Beginnings

This week's Haiku Monday is hosted by Aunty Belle at . 

The subject is:  New Beginnings.  Below are my submissions:

Light consumes the dark
Fresh fire, a new start, receive!
The Lamb, white as snow

Black eyes, greens, and ham
prosperity and luck....Come!
New Year, Southern style

And lastly, one more Haiku with the theme of New Beginnings,  in honor of Edward Bruce Ward, and for my brother Heath.

He passed on Christmas
a year of firsts now complete
time brings peace, arise!


  1. All are great, Scout! The Southern Style is yummy...but the tribute to Bruce and Heath are heart tuggers.

  2. please tell me you bought that lamb for my CHristmas gift. what a darling creature. I love all your haiku = poignant each of them. i might love the first one best though. Scout, you are a haiku force to reckon with. Good Luck! (and we have a date for next week, correct?)

  3. Wow Scout!
    It sure didn't take you long to learn how to be a haiku contender! Nicely done, I like them all and ... sorry for your loses.

  4. Thanks for the kind remarks friends! There's lot to learn in this business of haiku but for now I'm just going to be present and have fun! Thanks also for visiting the new blog - I appreciate you!

  5. Congratulations Scout!
    Excellent Haiku .... ALL of them! =)

  6. WoooHoooo!
    A win at the Porches is HUGE!!!!!

  7. Like Chickory said, usually poignant. I mix mine up, Poignant, funny, shocking, personal and etc. Haven't done food yet, but how much can you write about Tabasco sauce and bologna? I'm in awe! Woo Hoo! Oh wait, Fishy said that. The South will rise again!?

  8. Woo hoooooo curmudgeon and Fishy!

  9. Congratulations, Scout! Beautiful haiku...all.
    Looking forward to your choice of topic for next week.

  10. At the tomb, I can feel your heart bleed. All we can do is keep them alive in our mind until we meet them for real. Dad

  11. Nice, dad! I always love going to see the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington, va. Gives me chills every time. Thanks for commenting

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