Thursday, January 5, 2012

Haiku Monday

Hello everyone!

I am your host for this week’s Haiku Monday.  Thank you Aunty Belle for crowning me the winner for "New Beginnings".   I feel lucky, happy, and honored all at the same time!!    I am very excited to host this week’s challenge!

The Haiku Monday theme is...


…occurring in or relating to the night.   

Pretty much the standard rules apply!  Three lines, syllables of 5-7-5.  A seasonal reference and a cutting word are always cool, as I think that's how they do it in the big leagues, but not required here - I'm not qualified to judge that way YET!  You've got until midnight Pacific Time on Monday to play!  Everyone is welcome, and I’ll limit the number of entries for judging at two.  Please identify which ones are for judging if you have more than two, and if you wish to include a visual on your site, that’s fabulous!   (Side note:  I have this boss who , when referring to pictures, says “pitchers” – that always bums me out because I’m thinking, "How can YOU expect to lead ME, Scout, when you do not know how to speak properly".  Grrrrrrrrrr.)

Last but not least!  The winner gets a Browning Pro Hunter Escape Headlamp – to help you find your way in the dark!  I AM a Scout after all.

Here’s a Haiku to get us started.

What was that?  Who’s there?
Imaginations run wild
Beware….when night falls

Here’s a photo from the remake of the 1985 film, Fright Night.  The movie is set in Las Vegas and is about a teenager who discovers that his neighbor is  a vampire.  I don’t watch scary movies anymore; however, Colin Farrell is dreamy.   


  1. Great theme!


  2. Here's my first ever Haiku:

    Like a soft, warm shawl
    The shadows drape around me...
    Calming, peaceful....NIGHT!

    Queen B

  3. Heh--luv that PRIZE!! Hilarious--fantastic theme.

    Good luck folks!!

  4. early entry from none other than the Queen! I am so thrilled that you are playing this week! You do love your peace dear Queen. Thank you for your wonderful entry!!!!!

  5. Curmungeon liked the haiku I put on his blog and suggested I send it to you and this contest. It is from my historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE, a fantasy Titanic of sorts about the Bermuda Triangle in 1853.

    The haiku is spoken by the heroine, who is not of this world, as she stares up into the endless depths between the stars one heartbroken night :

    Dreams drift like clouds.
    I reach to touch the moon.
    I grasp only night.

    Hope you liked it just to do Curmudgeon proud, Roland -- you have a new follower, me.

  6. The syllables are off in English, but not in the original Japanese, but those words would have made no sense to most, right? LOL.

  7. Roland, it's beautiful. I felt heartbroken myself for this heroine! I think I have been there a time or two myself! Thanks Curmudgeon for sending Roland over! The more the merrier!

  8. Haven't we all? I am honored you felt empathy for the heroine, Meilori. I have already thanked Curmudgeon, Roland

  9. Wind blows. A branch groans.
    In silence he pounced on her.
    Mom? Can I sleep here?

  10. Scout,

    I offer two now.

    Hunting the Moon:

    I stalk the night moon,
    as any hunter does prey,
    for a perfect shot.


    I walk in black dark,
    Fresh elk meat upon my back,
    Will the griz bear call?

    Two posts provide my visuals at

    Thanks for hosting, great theme.


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  12. Wow, y'all are ambitious! I'm still back there staring at Colin Farrell and wondering why in the heck he won't return my phone calls . . .

    Good theme and I'll be up ON MONDAY :o)

  13. Curmudgeon urged me to re-submit a haiku that fits the requirements :

    Dreams drifting like clouds.
    I reach to touch the chill moon.
    I grasp only night.

  14. Night, late, in the woods
    My love and I unafraid
    Conceive nothing more


    Feral cats sneak
    Through dark highways and byways
    On soft feet, searching

  15. This one is for free.

    Clock screams, trash trucks howl
    and pry dark from my locked eyes.
    The coffee god boils.

  16. Hi Scout,

    I decided to add a haiku to my sunset photo from a couple days ago.

    Sky Aflame:

    The sky is aflame
    While crepuscular creatures
    yield to nocturnal.

    It is a couple posts back at

    The others are



  17. er, Haiku Monday or Haiku Freeforall? Bwahahahahah! Congrats on the win and great theme. I'll hopefully be back.... Sunday? :-)

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  19. Garish lights summon

    demons of cold derelicts

    lost in dark dreaming.

  20. Moi and Boxer: it's not Haiku Thursday through Monday?? Well, this is my first time hosting....the possibility exists for things to get messy! Hahahahahahaha. See you guys on Monday!!

  21. Scout: Congratulations on your win. Back soon.

  22. Two for judging

    Working graveyard shift . . .
    Clocking out means morning booze--
    Without a regret.

    ["owls" = 1 syllable, per Aunty :-)]

    Roaches crawl. Owls hunt.
    Silent starlit instinct dance
    Shadows soul's dark night.


    self-assessed second-tier

    The night keeps secrets--
    Goings-on from twelve to six
    Shunning sunshine's glare.


    If you're easily offended, skip it. I warned you.

    Coming, of age: Boys'
    Nocturnal emissions yield
    Sticky questions, sheets.

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  24. I'm UP with two for consideration.

    A gift devoured.
    A small pile of scales and bones.
    Raccoon precision.

    Yes, I know raccoons are diurnal but they're pretty close to truly nocturnal around here. And I like to feed them fish. They attack the fish with what appears to be frenzied savagery, but they leave an intact skeleton behind.

    Griffin discovery.

  25. Here are my haiku for this week:

    The howling is heard
    Wolves are calling out for those
    Who truly love darkness.


    Drops of red blood fall
    As their sharp fangs sink deeper...
    Darkness hides victims.

    The second one is a reference to vampires. The reason for the second haiku can be found on my blog.

    Visuals can also be found there.

    Good luck to everyone!

  26. Roland: Nice redo to fit into the correct syllable count!

    Curm: love how you captured the scene with a frightened child! Takes me back to when I was young, as I WAS that kid!!

    Serendipity: the visuals are great on your site! You were victorious in your moon hunt! Nice work.

    Dutch boy: you took the theme and turned it into a stolen moment with your sweetie - loved that!!

    Czar: night shifts have a lot of kinks...but I never thought about the drink after work...take it when you can get it I suppose! On the second poem, I am digging the starlit dance visual!

  27. To Troll - those little guys have some pretty skilled hands to leave a whole fish skeleton intact!! That's amazing. As for your second submission - the visuals on your site helped me out here. Great job in saying so much with so few words!! You hit the second and third lines with one word each. Well played!

  28. Hi, Scout!

    Csar, just what I would expect from contrary!

    Here is mine:

    Vamp-i-re fashion.
    Crimson-lipped teen primed to prowl;
    falls asleep at ten.

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  30. Here's some effort from me, thanks for hosting!

    "Woop woop woooooo," they cry.
    Coyotes rule the creek beds
    when the sun goes down.

    Party dress, high heels,
    extra make-up and lip gloss.
    Girls go night-clubbing.

    Staring at the screen
    sleep won't come; insomnia
    keeps me up all night.

  31. I'm in this week and up with visuals and I think the visuals will explain my Haiku:

    Three in the morning
    is for potty break not play
    Puppy go to sleep!

    But for Pam and Chickory, I'm calling my Haiku: HENWY!

    Happy Haiku Monday.

  32. By moonlight she flies
    her silent shadow preys; strike!
    frosted field mouse treat

    Dead of night hooting
    persistant, urgent; Mama
    I know that was you.

    that prize is sooooo you! who is the Dutch Boy? Im am wondering do i know this person in the real? I dont envy your job Scout - so many good haiku.

    btw -these zealots would start on tuesday if you let them. Im like what is this? Haiku weekends now? grrrhahahahaha

    see you wednesday! xo

  33. oh - im up with visuals this week. good luck every one

    @boxa: henwy. *sniff*

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  35. @Chickory: I've got the cure for Perpetual Haiku Day: Hangover Tuesday and Wednesday, and post the winner on Thursday.

    Don't mess with me, Fleur. "Contrary"? I've got enough trouble with this crowd. :-)

  36. Scout--oh mah grascious, Chile--this is one tough field ya got goin'--thar's some real keepers in this.

    Back tomorry. ( but not shure why to try--too many top entries!)

  37. Oh, boy, Scout. You already have your work cut out. And you still have tomorrow for entries! This really is a great theme - great turnout.

    It is always fun to see the different perspectives everyone brings to the same theme.

    Good luck with the judging.


  38. Boxer laugh bwahahahah
    Chickory laugh grrrhahahahaha
    curmudgeon laugh Yehehehehe
    Someone else? Can't remember. Harrr
    Pam's up there going Woop woop woooooo
    Any more? I think Yuk yuk and hee hee are still open. I love these laughs.

    Like that first haiku on of both Chickory and Pam I like Boxer's a lot but I love puppies.

  39. morning glory sleeps
    while moonflower opens to
    her night moth feeding.

    night falling on the
    horizon, pushes away
    last arms of the sun.

    I'm UP with visuals.

  40. Up with visuals . . .

    Caught out at dusk? Duck!
    Echolocating Pallids
    pluck insects to death.

  41. Holy Cannoli! I paid no attention to how many haikus were already here when I posted last night (sleepy was I).

    @czar I was one of those graveyard shift peeps years ago occasionally sipping a toddy at 7 am. It was our evening/end of day. Made sense to us.

  42. I added a third one, just because...

    someone is awake
    somewhere. writing, perhaps, or
    just wondering why.

  43. I decided to try my hand yet again!
    (I'm not very good at Haiku!)

    I'm up ... with a visual.

    Deep into the black,
    Mind too cluttered to focus
    Dark night of my soul.

  44. Man I thought I was two or three till I started reading these. Difficult week. looks like everyone went all out!

  45. I am so happy that everyone came out to play! We've still got time and room in the sandbox!! Happy Haiku Monday everyone!!

  46. Darkness closing in
    Creating a smaller world
    Alone with my thoughts

  47. Scout:

    I'm still a bit foggy in the brain from let'n my curls out for the new year, but here's what I got:

    Darkness felts the night
    Golden eyes pierce through the sky
    Wakening our dreams

    I have visuals at:


    P.S. Congrats to you and the others for your wins these last couple weeks!

  48. Good afternoon Scout,

    Thank you for hosting. You've got quite a turnout.

    Day or night, who knows.
    In this water bring your own light.
    Too deep for the sun.

    Circadian rhythms.
    Schedule not synchronized.
    Standing middle watch.

    @Czar: Nothing quite like standing in line at 7-11 with a six pack in your hand at 07:00. You know you just got off work, but all the suits standing around you don't.

  49. Scout:
    Please excuse my fog, I meant to type:

    Darkness felts the land
    Golden eyes pierce through the sky
    Wakening our dreams



  50. Boy on Winter Break.
    Midnight XBox cussing blitz.
    Pitch-black stair creeping.

    I have a visual at The Buzzkill. Sorry I'm late - I forgot to auto-publish. Thanks for hostessing.

  51. Guardian burros
    Keep coyotes from horses.
    Savagery denied.

    Boxer walks Henry.
    Fishy delivers cold meds.
    Madness by moonlight!

  52. LOL Fishy!

    Scout is really in for it. It may take days before we know the winner on this one!

    Fun reading, All.


  53. I want to join in the Haiku Monday crowd--I came from the Chicory blog, and Aunty Belle and I used to get into some fine talks about John Locke and natural rights.

    Here goes: In-country patrol
    Dumbass broke light discipline
    Charlie owns the night.

    Seeing Colin Farrell made me think of Tigerland. God bless our men and women in uniform.

  54. oooh, Scout--looky whata grand field of Haiku ya' drew

    Shrieking furies ride
    midnight air-- Fanatical
    Late night radio.

    ( Hi hi! Susan!)

  55. Moonlit bare feet glide
    along ancient corridors,
    Vigil prayers-Peace!

  56. oops--visual up at

  57. Last comments before I put up a pre-winner announcement recap!!

    Fleur: nice spin on the teenager vampire craze! The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?!

    Chickory: Dutch Boy is also known as “Scout’s Daddy”! Guess he and his love conceived something at SOME point eh? My Dad is a true romantic – didn’t surprise me that he took lover’s lane to Haiku land. You provide us with two GREAT Haiku featuring the Owl – the visual on your site is stunning. I know Mama is watching over you honey.

    To Jean – what creative thinking to see the night as “pushing away the sun” – almost like, “hey, it’s my time!”

    Moi: in my childhood Virginia, we used to stand outside under the streetlights and try to attract bats by throwing rocks up in the air. Why? Probably because we didn’t have Xbox or cable back then…better days I’d say!

    Rafael’s got a great visual on his site – yall should go check it out!

    Karl – great effort! IN your first one, I’m thinking Scuba, yes?

    Fishy – not a lot of sleep going on in your house – I feel for you. But you still delivered two great Haiku!! Love the line on the second…..”Savagery denied”….indeed!

    Susan: WELCOME!!! I’m new also – you’ll find this crowd very warm, welcoming, and inspiring! And yes – God Bless our AWESOME troops (Dutch Boy, aka Scout’s Daddy, was career ARMY. Hoo RAH!)

    And Aunty! You exposed two extreme views on the topic – on the one side we have shrieking furies, and on the other we have prayers and peace! Well done!! Great visuals on your site too!