Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Haiku Monday Recap

Well, well, well.  Thank you ALL for coming out to play Haiku Monday.  I think that Troll was the originator of this competition – if so, thank you!  It appears as though everyone gets a lot out of this and it does provide such a great playing field for us all to escape to each week.  This may explain the early start!  On THIS particular episode of Haiku Monday, Nocturnal, we had 22 players and a total of 39 haiku.  I was personally challenged and inspired by your musings and had to look up a few things!   Google and Wikipedia did not disappoint and provided me with insight into:  Crepuscular, Diurnal, Microchiroptera, Echolocation, Moonflowers, and Pallid.
I have before me haiku touching on the following subjects:  the moon, dark waters, insomnia, demons, graveyard shifts, love, grizzly bears, feral cats, coffee, booze, raccoons, bats, wolves, insects, coyotes, puppies (awwwwww…..), owls, flowers, cicadas, donkeys, nuns, fantasy, mothers, children, teenagers, wet dreams, and vampires.  
Y’all referred to the night as a soft warm shawl, something that keeps secrets and keeps you company, it falls on the horizon, and creates a smaller world.
We had some first timers this round:  Queen B (aka Aunt B from my December 30th post), Roland, Susan, and Dutch Boy.  Welcome friends!
 I am really feeling the pressure now….little Scout has a BIG task ahead.  I am heading out on a business road trip tomorrow and will have some windshield time between Atlanta and Ocala to ponder your efforts.   My hope is to post the winner when I settle into my hotel room tomorrow night.


  1. dont haiku and drive! grherhahaha be safe Scouter

  2. Ocala! So pretty . . .

    Be safe!

  3. I miss Ocala .... *sigh*

    Drive safely!

  4. Ocala? well, then, Sugar Pie, come on down a bit further an' let's have a glass o' lemonade on the porch!

    Safe travel, Scout,

  5. "winshield time" is a UPS phrase, I think? Doesn't matter, I love it. Oh yes you DO have a big job, so take your time and travel safely. And don't listen to Chickory about safe driving... she drives with chickens. ;-)

  6. A fine recap and very fine subject selection and hosting. But why did you leave for Ocala without me? I adore all the horse farms! When you ride by them do check out the defender burros! It is amazing even those million dollar horses are protected from coyotes by burros. Nature is amazing.

    @ Boxer,
    she drives with chickens while making videos!

  7. Hey, I just read your comment on my blog. I got Vietnam on the brain and Colin Farrell starred in one of the best movies on leadership: Tigerland. Enjoy your trip.

  8. Susan - got it. You break light discipline and you die.

    Fishy - I will be looking for the killer burros! Nature is indeed amazing

    Aunty - what town?

    Boxer and fishy - chicky does all that WITH two big dogs in her lap! Hahahaha

  9. Scout, another 80 miles an' youse in Orlando. I doan live wif' that MOUSE, but in the akshull city of Orlando

  10. I heard Chickory has taught Koby how to drive?

  11. Aunty, THANKY for the invite. Next time I will build in some time to come and sit with you on your porch and drink lemonade! Would love that. Orlando is such a nice town!